Consider CRYSVITA® (burosumab-twza)
as part of your journey

Talk to your doctor about starting CRYSVITA

Here are a few questions to ask your doctor to get the conversation started and to see if CRYSVITA may be right for your child or for you. You may also want to bring the CRYSVITA Physician Initiation Guide with you during your doctor’s visit to help with your conversation.

How often is CRYSVITA dosed?

CRYSVITA has a simple dosing schedule.

Dosing of CRYSVITA is every 2 weeks in children

Every 2 weeks
for children

Dosing of CRYSVITA is every 4 weeks in adults

Every 4 weeks
for adults

CRYSVITA is given as an injection under the skin and should be administered by a healthcare provider.

Talk to your doctor for more information about dosing and preparing to start CRYSVITA